The snow leopard is one of the world’s most endangered big cats. There are believed to be just 4,000 to 7,500 left in the wild, and over the last decade an average of one a day is believed to have been killed. Many died at the hand of poachers and the illegal trade, but more than half are killed because of conflict with humans – in retaliation of, or prevention of, livestock attacks.

The White Lion Foundation is working in partnership with the Baltistan Wildlife Conservation and Development Organisation (BWCDO) in Pakistan, to ensure that snow leopards and humans co-exist in harmony.

Through the work of the BWCDO, formerly known as Snow Leopard Project, farmers are compensated for lost livestock, predator-proof corrals are built to reduce snow leopard attacks, and vaccination programmes are offered to local farmers to reduce loss of livestock through disease. The BWCDO, as part of its remit to conserve and protect wildlife, also monitors baseline information on snow leopard populations, and carries out educational awareness initiatives and activities in local schools.

By engaging with communities alongside the conservation and protection of wildlife, BWCDO shares the values and vision of TWLF, and we are proud to support their work.

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